We have just a few more weeks until the spring holidays, so it’s time to finalize your ecommerce storefront’s preparations.

In 2021, Americans spent an estimated $21.7 billion (yes, billion with a “b”) on Easter, and even more on Mother’s Day at a whopping $28 billion, which follows just a few weeks later. With these big numbers, ecommerce retailers want to make the most of the spring spending season!

Here are four areas to focus your time:

Read Your Customers’ Mind
There are more than just chocolate and Easter eggs to be sold. Try to understand what your customers may be searching for during these holidays and match their needs with your product mix. Look at shopping search terms on Google Trends. There are so many different holidays and observations in spring. Consider Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even wedding season. Shoppers could be searching for everything from Easter baskets to bridal wear and more. Google Trends provides a snapshot, so you can see what is trending.

Get a Head Start
Most purchases are made before the holiday, and half of the seasonal merchandise is purchased in the weeks before a given holiday. Start updating your inventory levels and push everything holiday-related on your site: candy, toys, chocolates, and gift baskets. You should also clean up product descriptions and work Easter, Mother’s Day, and weddings into your metadata. Once you understand the prominent search terms, working that into your content and product pages should be easy.

Promote Cleverly
Get creative with your digital channels, from email to social media. Make sure you use the right hashtags, create an Easter-themed Facebook cover photo, customize your emails and other social media pages with the right images, and dress up all your marketing material to reflect the season. But try to promote in a way that gives you more steam. With Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Father’s Day around the bend, you can start promoting gifts and offers related to those holidays as well. Give shoppers who make an Easter purchase a discount code or an early bird Mother’s/Father’s Day coupon. These holidays are memorable for many consumers if you provide product personalization and should be an easy upsell!

Have Fun!
And don’t forget to have a little fun with your promotions. Look to ensure that your customers have a great time shopping with an online Easter egg hunt or extend the hunt beyond the website to social media. Consider hosting contests or holiday-specific promotions. Partner with your top fans for a social media takeover.

With all the hoopla over the year-end holidays, it can be easy to forget there are holidays your ecommece business can take advantage of throughout the year.