With the hectic post-holiday return cycle winding down, we look to what’s in store for shopping trends in ecommerce. Merchants are preparing for the spring and summer months which are chock-full of other great shopping holidays that deserve attention. Let’s have a look at a few of those events today.

Graduation Day

Graduation is an exciting, memorable time. It’s the culmination of a student’s hard work and an enthusiastic start to life in the ‘real world.’ That means everything from dressy apparel, graduation portraits, commemorative and practical gifts, graduation party supplies, and graduation parties!

The typical cost for a high school or college graduation can be between $300-$2,500 or more.

Have a look at these average budgets for graduation parties based on a nationwide survey conducted in 2013. On average, Americans spent $985 on graduation parties.

Summer Season

Wedding Season

The wedding business is a $72 billion industry. People get married every day, but the months from May to August see more wedding bells ring than the rest of the year, especially in June. With restrictions expected to ease in the months, a boom in weddings is anticipated.

The ecommerce industry is tapping into this, and they should. The hottest items for this season are wedding gowns and suits, jewelry, wedding favors, and gift options such as picture frames, home goods, and customizable items (think everything from Christmas ornaments to wine glasses).

Red, White, and Blue Sales

Many American consumers are looking forward to celebrating America’s independence and the easing of restrictions. Get a head start on your ecommerce Fourth of July promotions. The most lucrative deals are generally gone by July 1st, so you have to start early to make the most of consumer demand. Get creative with your merchandising to attract new customers.

Back to School

Is it too soon to plan for back-to-school? Definitely not! A survey found that in 2013, 24 percent of families with children in grades K–12 planned their back to school shopping as much as two months in advance. With consumers growing acceptance of ecommerce and the easing of pandemic restrictions, 2022’s back-to-school season could be a record-setting year.

Other Trends

Many merchants experience their own ‘peak’ at times specific to their store. Look at your store’s trends to uncover hidden spikes in sales or inquiries. There might be a hidden holiday or natural demand for your products that you hadn’t realized before. The key to keeping your staff busy is to get creative with merchandising and promotions to ensure your customers key your store in mind. In online retail, there’s so such thing as a break!