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3PL & Fulfillment Services For BigCommerce Orders

3PL & Fulfillment Services For BigCommerce Orders

3PL (Third-Party Logistics) and fulfillment services play an important role in the eCommerce industry by helping businesses manage their inventory, order processing, and shipping.


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At Speed Commerce, we create winning customer experiences to help your eCommerce business grow and thrive. By removing our clients’ headaches and delivering customer-focused solutions, our clients can address what matters most, growing their business.


Speed Commerce is a single-source provider of omnichannel customer experience solutions and technology for ecommerce retailers and manufacturers. Designed around the customer’s needs, our solutions help brands streamline operations, leverage technology, and find greater efficiencies.


Speed Commerce is an end-to-end provider of scalable customer experience solutions. We grow our clients' businesses by providing solutions such as 24/7/365 ecommerce customer service, order fulfillment, and warehousing.


Our Mission is to fulfill the brand promise our clients make to their customers every day. What sets us apart from competitors is our people. Our team has decades of experience in ecommerce, fulfillment, and customer service. We know eCommerce!

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Speed Commerce has been acing fulfillment for BigCommerce orders since day one. We power up retailers and shop owners’ customer experience with flawless order fulfillment. Choose Speed Commerce to drive growth and excel in customer satisfaction!

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How Do 3PL and Fulfillment Services Work for BigCommerce Orders​

When choosing a 3PL provider for your BigCommerce store, consider factors such as their location, shipping rates, technology integration capabilities, customer service quality, and the specific services they offer. It's essential to partner with a provider that aligns with your business needs and can provide a seamless experience for your customers.


Here's how 3PL and fulfillment services work for BigCommerce orders:

Inventory Management

Integration between your BigCommerce store and the 3PL/fulfillment center ensures that inventory levels are always up-to-date. This prevents overselling, backorders, and other inventory-related issues. Customers can see real-time stock availability on your online store.

Integration with BigCommerce

Many 3PL and fulfillment providers offer integration options with popular eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce. This integration allows for seamless communication between your online store and the fulfillment center's systems, ensuring accurate order processing and real-time inventory updates.

Order Processing

When a customer places an order on your BigCommerce store, the order information is automatically transmitted to the fulfillment center. The fulfillment center then picks, packs, and ships the products to the customer. Integration ensures that order details are transferred accurately and quickly.


3PL and fulfillment services are particularly useful for businesses experiencing growth. As your business expands, these services can adapt to handle increased order volumes without the need for significant infrastructure investments.

Shipping and Tracking

Once an order is shipped, the fulfillment center provides tracking information to your BigCommerce store, allowing customers to track their orders. This transparency enhances the customer experience and reduces customer service inquiries.

Cost Efficiency

By outsourcing fulfillment, you can potentially save on warehousing costs, labor, and shipping expenses. Many 3PL providers have established relationships with shipping carriers, which can lead to reduced shipping rates.

Returns Handling

3PL and fulfillment centers often offer returns processing services. This involves managing returns, inspecting products, restocking inventory, and updating your store's backend with the necessary information.

International Shipping

If you sell globally, partnering with a fulfillment center can simplify international shipping and customs procedures, ensuring a smoother cross-border sales process.

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What is a 3PL and What Do They Do for Online Businesses​

A 3PL, or Third-Party Logistics provider, is a company that offers logistics and supply chain services to businesses. These providers specialize in handling various aspects of the supply chain process, including warehousing, order fulfillment, shipping, and distribution. For online businesses, 3PLs play a key role in streamlining operations and ensuring efficient delivery of products to customers.


Here's what 3PLs do for online businesses:


3PLs have warehouses equipped to store inventory for multiple businesses. Online businesses can store their products in these warehouses, eliminating the need to maintain their storage facilities. This is especially beneficial for businesses that lack the space or resources for storing large quantities of inventory.

Returns Management

In the event of product returns, 3PLs manage the process of receiving, inspecting, and restocking returned items. They can handle returns in accordance with the online business's return policy, helping maintain customer satisfaction.

Order Fulfillment

When a customer places an order on an online store, the 3PL receives the order information and picks the items from their inventory. They then pack the items according to the business's specifications and prepare them for shipping. This process ensures accurate and timely order fulfillment.


Online businesses experience fluctuations in order volume, especially during peak seasons. 3PLs offer scalability by accommodating changes in order volume without requiring the business to invest in additional resources.

Inventory Management

3PLs employ advanced inventory management systems to track the movement of products in and out of their warehouses. Online businesses can monitor their inventory levels in real-time, helping them avoid stockouts or overstocking.

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing logistics and fulfillment to a 3PL can be cost-effective for online businesses. They can avoid the expenses associated with maintaining warehouses, hiring and training staff, and managing shipping logistics.

Shipping and Distribution

3PLs handle the shipping process, including selecting the appropriate shipping method, generating shipping labels, and coordinating with carriers for package delivery. This relieves online businesses of the logistics involved in shipping and allows them to focus on other aspects of their operations.

Focus on Core Competencies

By delegating logistics and fulfillment tasks to a 3PL, online businesses can focus more on their core competencies such as product development, marketing, and customer service.

Technology Integration

Many 3PLs offer technology integrations that connect with the online business's eCommerce platform. This integration enables seamless communication of order and inventory data between the business's online store and the 3PL's systems.

Global Reach

Many 3PLs have a global network of warehouses and shipping partners, enabling online businesses to expand their reach to international markets without the complexities of international logistics.

In summary, 3PLs provide a range of services that enable online businesses to efficiently manage their supply chain, reduce operational complexities, and improve customer satisfaction. They act as a strategic partner in handling the logistics aspects of eCommerce, allowing businesses to concentrate on growing their brand and delivering quality products to customers.

How Do 3PLs Connect with BigCommerce

3PLs (Third-Party Logistics) connect with BigCommerce through integration solutions that allow for seamless communication between your eCommerce platform and the fulfillment center's systems. This integration ensures that order information, inventory levels, and other relevant data are synchronized in real-time. Here's how 3PLs typically connect with BigCommerce:

API Integration

Most modern 3PLs and fulfillment providers offer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable software systems to communicate with each other. BigCommerce also provides APIs that allow third-party services to interact with its platform. By leveraging these APIs, your BigCommerce store can send order information, customer details, and inventory updates to the 3PL's system, while receiving shipping and tracking information in return.

Plug-and-Play Integrations

Many 3PL providers offer pre-built integrations specifically designed for popular eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce. These integrations are often available through BigCommerce's app marketplace. You can browse the available integrations, select the appropriate 3PL solution, and follow the installation steps to connect the systems.

Testing and Validation

Before fully deploying the integration, it's crucial to thoroughly test the data flow and processes to identify and address any potential issues. Testing helps ensure that orders are transferred accurately and that inventory levels are updated correctly.

Custom Development

For businesses with unique requirements or specific workflows, a custom integration solution might be necessary. This involves working with developers or development teams to create a tailored integration between BigCommerce and the 3PL using APIs, webhooks, and other relevant technologies.


Webhooks are HTTP callbacks triggered by specific events. BigCommerce and some 3PLs support webhooks, allowing you to set up real-time notifications between the two systems. For example, when an order is placed on your BigCommerce store, a webhook can trigger the fulfillment center to start processing the order.

Data Mapping

During integration, you'll need to map data fields between BigCommerce and the 3PL's system to ensure accurate and consistent data transfer. This includes mapping product SKUs, quantities, customer information, shipping addresses, and more.

Consultation with 3PL

When you choose a 3PL provider, they usually offer guidance on how to integrate their services with your eCommerce platform. They might provide documentation, support, or even dedicated integration specialists to assist you in setting up the connection.

Remember that the ease of integration can vary depending on the 3PL provider you choose and the complexity of your business's requirements. It's important to choose a 3PL that offers robust integration options and support to ensure a smooth and efficient connection between BigCommerce and the fulfillment center.

What Challenges Can Speed Commerce Solve Specifically for BigCommerce Businesses

Speed Commerce is an eCommerce fulfillment and logistics provider with decades of experience that specializes in helping businesses streamline their operations and enhance customer experiences. Specifically tailored for BigCommerce businesses, Speed Commerce can address several challenges and provide solutions to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction:

Real-Time Inventory Management

Speed Commerce's integration with BigCommerce enables real-time inventory updates. This helps prevent overselling and backorders by ensuring that your online store reflects accurate stock levels.

Order Processing Efficiency

Speed Commerce can automate order processing by integrating seamlessly with your Big Commerce store. This reduces manual data entry errors, speeds up order fulfillment, and ensures accurate order details are transmitted to the fulfillment center.


As your BigCommerce business grows, Speed Commerce can accommodate increased order volumes without the need for major infrastructure investments. This scalability is especially beneficial during peak seasons and promotions.

Faster Shipping and Delivery

Speed Commerce offers optimized shipping solutions and has established relationships with various shipping carriers. This allows for faster and more cost-effective shipping options, improving delivery times and customer satisfaction.

Global Shipping and Compliance

For businesses targeting international markets, Speed Commerce can help navigate complex international shipping regulations, customs procedures, and tax considerations.

Data Analytics and Insights

Speed Commerce may offer reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into your order fulfillment processes, inventory management, and customer behavior. These insights can help you make informed business decisions.

Returns Handling

Handling returns can be time-consuming and complex. Speed Commerce can streamline the returns process, reducing the workload on your end and ensuring customers have a smooth returns experience.

Order Tracking and Visibility

Speed Commerce provides order tracking and shipment visibility, allowing customers to track their orders in real-time. This transparency enhances the customer experience and reduces customer inquiries.

Customized Packaging and Branding

With Speed Commerce, you can create customized packaging and include branded materials in shipments. This provides a consistent and memorable brand experience for your customers.

Dedicated Customer Support

Speed Commerce offers customer support and assistance in integrating their services with your BigCommerce store. This ensures a smooth onboarding process and ongoing operational support. Additionally, Speed Commerce has its own contact center and can support your clients’ customers with 24/7/365 support.

Multi-Warehouse Fulfillment

If you have inventory stored in multiple locations, Speed Commerce's multi-warehouse fulfillment capabilities can ensure efficient order routing based on customer location, reducing shipping costs and delivery times.

Time and Cost Savings

By outsourcing fulfillment to Speed Commerce, you can focus on core business activities while reducing the time and resources spent on managing logistics and fulfillment operations. Ultimately, Speed Commerce aims to optimize the end-to-end eCommerce fulfillment process for BigCommerce businesses. By addressing these challenges and providing solutions, Speed Commerce helps businesses enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. It's important to consult directly with Speed Commerce to understand how their services align with your specific business needs and goals.

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Factors BigCommerce Businesses Should Consider When Choosing a 3PL

Choosing the right 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) partner is a critical decision for BigCommerce businesses. The right 3PL can significantly impact your operations, customer experience, and overall business success. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting a 3PL for your BigCommerce business:

Integration Capabilities with BigCommerce

Ensure that the 3PL has a proven track record of integrating effectively with BigCommerce or offers pre-built integration solutions. The integration should cover order processing, real-time inventory updates, shipping information, and tracking details.

Experience and Expertise

Look for a 3PL with experience working with eCommerce businesses, especially those using platforms like BigCommerce. Industry-specific expertise can be valuable, as different products may have varying fulfillment requirements.


Choose a 3PL that can accommodate your business's growth. As your order volume increases, the 3PL should be able to scale its operations accordingly.


Consider the proximity of the 3PL's fulfillment centers to your target customer base. Closer locations can lead to faster shipping times and reduced shipping costs.

Fulfillment Speed and Accuracy

Check the 3PL's track record for order accuracy and speed of fulfillment. Delays and mistakes can negatively impact customer satisfaction.

Technology and Systems

Evaluate the technology stack used by the 3PL. Robust warehouse management systems (WMS) and order management systems (OMS) are essential for smooth operations. Ensure the 3PL's systems are capable of handling real-time data exchange with your BigCommerce store.

Inventory Management

Verify that the 3PL can provide real-time inventory tracking and updates. Accurate inventory management prevents overselling and stockouts.

Returns Management

Understand how the 3PL handles returns. A streamlined returns process is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction.

Customer Support

Good customer support is essential for addressing any issues that may arise. Ensure the 3PL offers responsive and helpful support.

Pricing and Fees

Clarify the pricing structure and fees associated with the 3PL's services. Understand how costs will be calculated, including storage fees, order fulfillment charges, shipping costs, etc.

Shipping Options and Carrier Relationships

Check the 3PL's partnerships with shipping carriers. A variety of shipping options can provide flexibility and cost savings for your customers.

Customization and Branding

If custom packaging and branding are important to your business, inquire whether the 3PL offers these options.

Data Security and Compliance

Ensure the 3PL follows data security best practices and complies with relevant industry regulations, especially if you handle sensitive customer information.

Contract Terms and Flexibility

Review the contract terms and ensure they align with your business's needs. Look for flexibility in case your requirements change over time.

Performance Metrics and Reporting

Inquire about the performance metrics and reporting tools the 3PL provides. Having access to key performance indicators can help you monitor and improve operations.

Selecting the right 3PL requires careful consideration and due diligence. Assess your business's unique needs and goals and engage in thorough discussions with potential 3PL partners to find the best fit for your BigCommerce business.

What If Your BigCommerce Business is very small, very large, or has some other specific requirements?

The choice of a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) partner for your BigCommerce business can vary based on the size of your business, specific requirements, and other factors. Here's how your approach might differ based on different business scenarios:

Very Small BigCommerce Business


As a small business, cost-effectiveness is likely a key consideration. Look for 3PLs that offer competitive pricing and don't have high minimum order requirements.


While your business might be small now, consider a 3PL that can accommodate your future growth. A scalable solution will save you the hassle of switching providers as you expand.

Integration Simplicity

Choose a 3PL that offers easy integration with your BigCommerce store. Look for plug-and-play options or integration tools that don't require extensive technical expertise.

Personalized Support

For small businesses, personalized support can be crucial. Seek a 3PL that provides dedicated customer service and assistance, considering the smaller volume of orders you might have.

Very Large BigCommerce Business

Scalability and Capacity

A large business demands a 3PL with the capacity to handle high order volumes. Look for a 3PL with multiple fulfillment centers and a proven track record in managing large-scale operations.


Larger businesses often require more customization options, such as branded packaging, kitting, and other tailored solutions. Choose a 3PL that can accommodate your customization needs.

Advanced Technology

With more complex operations, you'll need a 3PL with advanced technology systems for efficient order management, inventory tracking, and reporting.

Global Reach

If you have a global presence, consider a 3PL that can manage international shipping, customs clearance, and compliance with various regulations.

Specific Requirements

Perishable Goods

If your business deals with perishable goods, look for a 3PL with experience in handling temperature-sensitive products and specialized storage facilities.

High-Value Items

For businesses dealing with high-value items, prioritize 3PLs with secure facilities, robust security protocols, and insurance coverage.

Custom Orders or Bundles

If your business often processes custom orders or bundles, choose a 3PL that can efficiently handle these special requests without errors.

Subscription Boxes

If you offer subscription box services, select a 3PL with experience in managing subscription-based fulfillment and recurring shipments.

Multi-Channel Integration

If you sell across multiple platforms, including your BigCommerce store, choose a 3PL that can integrate with various eCommerce platforms and manage orders from different channels.

Returns Handling

If your products have a high return rate, choose a 3PL with a streamlined returns process to minimize costs and impact on inventory management.

BigCommerce Integration for Businesses

Regardless of your business's size or specific requirements, conducting thorough research, reading reviews, requesting references, and directly communicating with potential 3PL partners are crucial steps. Customization, scalability, technology, and reliability should remain key factors in your decision-making process. By aligning your 3PL choice with your business's unique needs, you can ensure a successful and efficient fulfillment process that supports your growth and enhances customer satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Questions About 3PL for BigCommerce Orders

Q: What eCommerce platforms, shopping carts, and logistic carriers does Speed Commerce support for seamless integration and fulfillment operations?

A: Speed Commerce offers comprehensive integration capabilities with a range of eCommerce platforms, shopping carts, and logistic carriers. Key integrations include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Squarespace. This wide range of integrations allows for streamlined fulfillment processes, ensuring efficient order management and delivery for a variety of BigCommerce business needs.

Q: What fulfillment solutions does Speed Commerce offer to streamline the operations of BigCommerce businesses?

A: Speed Commerce provides customized fulfillment services for BigCommerce businesses, including 2-day express shipping and a robust warehouse management system to ensure timely and efficient delivery. Our omnichannel fulfillment strategy integrates seamlessly with various shipping carriers, helping to reduce shipping costs and manage backorders effectively. We also offer advanced solutions like inventory analytics, inventory forecasting, and real-time inventory management, crucial for inventory optimization and reducing holding costs, to ensure precise inventory tracking and streamlined operations.

Q: What are the primary warehouse locations of Speed Commerce for BigCommerce fulfillment?

A: Our primary warehouse locations for BigCommerce fulfillment are Las Vegas, Nevada and St. Louis, Missouri. The Las Vegas facility is strategically positioned to serve the West Coast and southwestern United States, offering advanced logistics solutions for efficient distribution. In contrast, our St. Louis warehouse serves as a central hub, ideal for expedited shipping across the Midwest. While these locations are our main focus, we also extend our services through partnerships in key areas like Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient fulfillment across the entire United States.

Q: Which industries benefit from Speed Commerce's eCommerce 3PL fulfillment services?

A: Speed Commerce caters to a broad spectrum of industries in the realm of eCommerce, encompassing food, apparel, and footwear sectors. Catering to entities varying in size from small businesses to large manufacturers and wholesalers, we tailor our approach to meet diverse needs. Our 3PL services extend beyond these areas to include specialized solutions for furniture logistics and a range of other product categories, ensuring comprehensive support for all your eCommerce fulfillment requirements.

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