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Third-Party Fulfillment

Speed Commerce's third-party logistics (3PL) offers warehousing, shipping, fulfillment, inventory management, and more!

It’s simple: customers want their product when promised.

They want it to be right, and they want the ability to return something when it’s not what they expected. Of course, making this magic happen is anything but simple, and that’s why retailers choose Speed Commerce. We take the pain out of fulfillment operations so you can focus on building your brand, engaging your customers, and perfecting your products. 

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Using AI and Data to Reduce the Return Rate for eCommerce Merchants


Our Mission

We create a seamless experience for you and your customers to create an extraordinary experience that increases loyalty. Each order is handled with care when you outsource your third-party logistics (3PL) to Speed Commerce. Our goal is to remove your frustrations in business operations and provide quality experiences for your customers.

Freight Management

We coordinate all your shipping needs to ensure the right product gets to the right place at the right time for the right price. 

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Value Proposition

You Get More With Speed Commerce

Leverage the power of economies of scale:

  • No labor or capital expenditures
  • Scalable capacity to handle seasonal peaks and growth
  • Flexible warehouse footprint that grows with your brand
  • Optimized for omnichannel and customer experience
  • Ship to/from store
  • Automated packaging and freight systems that save time and money on shipping charges
  • Available for many popular ecommerce store integrations

What Makes Us Special

Our 3PL solutions are focused on providing winning customer experiences. Tap into our resources for your operations!

Complex Kitting

If your product mix includes multi-SKU kits, have no fear. Speed Commerce will design, build, and package your orders to create custom kits that customers love.

Product Personalization

Personalization is an additional option that your customers will love and an excellent revenue opportunity for your brand. Whether it’s engraving, embroidery, gift wrapping, woodcutting, or glass cutting, our in-house facilities make it happen faster – and it’s done with the highest quality control standards.

Reviving Returns

Do your products require a unique refresh before being resold? No problem. From garment steaming to basic repairs - and even hygienic cleaning - your inventory gets back in stock and out the door again in no time.


We've got you covered anytime, day or night. There's no paying overtime to cover shifts, management headaches to ensure staff are properly supervised, or worrying about employee and building security when you outsource. We take care of everything for you!


With our flexible workforce and diversified client base with different peak seasons, we handle unpredictable spikes in orders and returns. We adapt to your growing business or peak seasonal needs.

Quality Control

Before we go live with any client, we thoroughly test order placement, handbills, packing, and shipping. Every warehouse associate is trained in techniques to ensure order accuracy, and returns are monitored for trends such as broken items.

Ecommerce Integrations

Solution Provider

Managed Services

What problem are you trying to solve? We have a solution tailored just for you. Everyone sells fulfillment - we sell commerce ... Speed Commerce.

The team at Speed Commerce took time to learn how I like to run my business. They worked closely with me to mirror my processes in the warehouse. Now I can focus on my business while they handle orders.

Pet Supply Business Owner

Thanks to the team at Speed Commerce, our customers receive their orders quickly and accurately. I love reading positive reviews from our customers.

Optical Business Manager