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Custom Services

Custom Services

We're more than just fulfillment and contact center!

Speed Commerce can handle just about everything your ecommerce business needs to be successful. Check out our extensive custom offerings!

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Tailored Solutions

Product Personalization

Customize your product prior to shipping with embossing, embroidery, engraving, etching, and more!

Complex Kitting and Assembly

Sell more product and create new SKU's by selling products in kits. We'll assemble the kits and package to your specifications.

Custom Packaging

Wow your customers with a custom unboxing experience. We can create packaging that enhances your brand's experience and delights your customers.


Include promotional or custom inserts with your products. We can even provide handwritten notes with your product.

Gift Wrapping

Add a gift option to your customer experience. We offer gift wrapping as a value-added service for your products.

Reverse Logistics and Reviving

Add expertise and professionalism to your returns process. We offer product reviving services such as steam pressing, hygienic cleaning, and repackaging.

Payment Processing and Fraud Management

Payment collection, transaction matching, reconciliation, chargebacks, and fraud management are a tedious yet important part of ecommerce. Let us handle this for you!

Supply Management and PO Entry

We can manage the monitoring and replenishment of your inventory. Don't worry that you'll run out of product. We'll monitor your sales and reorder just in time.

Prescription Verification and Claims Processing

We specialize in healthcare services such as Rx verification and insurance claims processing. We are fully HIPAA compliant.

Disposition Analysis

Want to understand the triggers for a customer service inquiry at scale? We offer detailed analysis so we can track trends effecting your customers.

Solution Provider

Managed Services

What problem are you trying to solve? We have a solution tailored just for you. Everyone sells fulfillment - we sell commerce ... Speed Commerce.

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