4 Myths About Outsourced Order Fulfillment

For many direct-to-consumer retailers, outsourced order fulfillment is a misunderstood process – and a polarizing one at that. Some are all-in and couldn’t imagine running their businesses without it, while others are convinced that using a third-party partner will ruin … Read More

Hold, Please.

“I’m transferring you to another agent who can better assist you.” How many times have you heard that as a consumer and thought “No.. no.. NO!!!!”?  Bottom line: every customer care agent should know and represent your brand to the … Read More

Winning Customer Loyalty Online

In a brick-and-mortar store, there are many things that can win customer loyalty. From a salesperson who greets you with a smile and knows your preferences, to a customized shopping experience, or even a credit account, there are many small … Read More

Digging Deeper Into Customer Demographics

Online retailers are constantly striving to understand their customers – who are they, where are they from, what age group, how much do they spend on an average. Some of the basic demographics that online retailer looks at include income … Read More

Complex Order Fulfillment Sometimes Requires Pixie Dust

Last month this writer was in need of gifts. We’d missed a handful of birthday parties and weddings over the last few months due to the pandemic. However, we still needed to send gifts to show we still care. At … Read More

Spring Cleaning Your Ecommerce Site, Part 1

Spring has sprung, so it’s time for some spring cleaning. We’re not discussing sweeping the warehouse or tidying up the office supply closet (although we’re sure you need to). It’s time to update your site! Think it’s good enough as … Read More

SEO, Indexation and Hummingbird

SEO aims to have your web pages and site content indexed so that people will discover it quickly when they do a Google search. But you may want to avoid indexation, especially after Google’s Hummingbird rollout. Read on to understand … Read More

Black Friday 2013 Numbers

If you are reading this, it means you made it! You survived Black Friday Weekend, and what a weekend it was! Consumers spent a whopping $12.3 billion, with ecommerce contributing over $1 billion. Ecommerce crossed the $1 billion mark for … Read More