Content marketing is likely something you’ve heard about before. It can benefit your business in many ways, from increasing your search ranking to providing your customer with instructions on using your products.

Content comes in many forms too. It can be anything from a lengthy blog post to a product description. Here are some areas where your marketing team can be focusing their content efforts:


Every online retailer needs to have a blog. Most consumers expect it. Many shoppers often click over to a retailer’s blog instead of their About Us page to learn more about the brand. There are several ways you can structure your blog to achieve great SEO and increase conversions, too:

  • Talk about your products and provide tips on how to use or style them,
  • Interview an expert or an influencer,
  • Discuss before and after photos of transformations because of your products, or
  • Post questions and answers with customers about the products you sell.

Your blog is a space where you can create content that interests your shoppers and supplements product descriptions. When you write positive, authoritative content on your subject, the chances of referrals and backlinks will grow, which will help your page rank even higher!


Content doesn’t always have to be created by you to be published on your site. Consider having industry influencers, product manufacturing partners, or even customers guest-post on your blog. Or you can collaborate with another site, blog, or partner to showcase your products too. Consider supplementing your content marketing with product placement in podcasts, vlogs, and websites of influencers.

Product Content

Product descriptions can get overlooked because their primary purpose is to inform customers, not drive page rank. The content on your product pages should make customers feel confident about buying from you and elicit a positive emotional reaction. Still, it can also be chock-full of product keywords and links to similar products or entire collections where the product fits nicely.


Video is a powerful tool to keep customers engaged and promotes sharing. Video content might be anything from a product tutorial to a closer, more detailed look at a product to vignettes that inspire and give a behind-the-scenes look at your business. You’ve likely seen video tutorials for almost every product. Some retailers use video to provide sneak-peeks for new products. Production doesn’t need to be studio-quality. Videos that are authentically fun, inspirational, or quirky get noticed too. To get the most out of your videos, host them on a video platform like YouTube and include transcripts and keywords in the title and descriptions.

There are dozens of other content marketing ideas, but these are the most important for an ecommerce retailer to ensure they are included in their lineup.