Your contact center can be the place where your customers interact most with your ecommerce business: they have direct and frequent one-on-one interaction with your customers. You can use these interactions to promote and establish your brand – all you have to do is put your brand’s message front and center. Here are a few tips on how to make it happen.


Your customers already know what’s on your website, but can you give them something more that reflects your brand? It could be information about a new product or service, a new offer that’s going on, or anything related to your brand. Domino’s will tell you about the latest pizza, snack, or offer that they have going on when chatting with their reps. Things like this pique customer interest, and it showcases what your brand has to offer with just a little extra effort.

Call Scripting/Suggested Messaging

Similar to sharing information about products and deals, you can also use branded scripts during calls and chats. This could be anything from a customized greeting that reflects your brand’s personality, to a recorded brand message or theme music that plays while a customer is put on hold. If you use live chat, use that opportunity to share a link to a video page on your ecommerce website once the chat is over.

Customer Data To Drive Engagement

While you are on the line with your customer, take a minute to pull up some of their information. Is there anything relevant that speaks to your customer and your brand’s values? Is there a birthday or anniversary coming up? Has there been a change in delivery address? Is there something you can recommend based on their previous order history? This helps you push your brand’s image and gives you a chance to upsell.


With a little effort, you can make your brand’s presence last long after the customer hangs up the phone. Did the customer have a special request after the order was placed? For example: gift wrapping, engraving, or changing the items within the order. Putting a handwritten note in the package will show your customers you value their business. You might also have your contact center representative follow up with a branded email that is specific to the interaction they just had. It could be information about a similar product or offer, or asking the customer how their problem could be addressed better in the future.

Try to avoid those rating surveys in instances like these, (you know, those cryptic messages that say, “On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied were you?”) and focus instead on extending the conversation you just had. Going the extra mile helps bring your brand to life for your customers.