In a brick-and-mortar store, there are many things that can win customer loyalty. From a salesperson who greets you with a smile and knows your preferences, to a customized shopping experience, or even a credit account, there are many small touches that can bring customers back. Online retailers, however, do not have the benefit of building a face-to-face rapport with their customers. Some of the factors that affect customer loyalty in ecommerce include:

  • Speed and ease of completing a transaction
  • Customer service
  • Overall shopping experience

Here are a few ways you can add a human touch to your online shopping experience to win customers over.

Deliver On A Unique Promise

Shoppers want to be assured they are getting the fastest and perhaps the cheapest deal their money can buy. Focus on your niche. Is it customizing a product? Is it a try at home and buy later methodology? Is it free shipping? Zone in on what you are offering that the competition isn’t, and consistently deliver that to your audience.

Offer Best-In-Class Customer Service

Customer service is the one area where you actually get a chance to interact with your customers one-on-one. Your customer service should be easy to reach, echo what your brand stands for, and most importantly, resolve issues quickly. Quick resolution of problems ranks high in customer satisfaction, so an immediate acknowledgment and efforts to understand the problem will help customers trust you and return in the future.

Capitalize On Returns

You can use your returns positively to woo those not-so-satisfied customers back. Maintain a flexible return policy and if possible, a  ‘No Questions Asked’ approach for returns that come within the first month or so. Check with your competitors and strive to match or one-up their return policy. Not all retailers may be able to offer generous return policies, but by resolving the issue quickly and even throwing in a little something extra, you show your customer that you are genuinely sorry for the return and that you value their business.