The holidays may be the biggest money-making season there is for online retailers, but that does not mean the marketing stops. You would be surprised at the number of shoppers who look forward to the post-holiday deals. Many of them wait around to score these discounts! Here is how you can boost sales after the holidays, and prevent some of that excess inventory from going to waste.

Extend The Goodwill Now

A great way to get customers to come back for more after Christmas is to offer some kind of incentive now- for example, a discount code or coupon which they can use after the 1st of January on specific products. By getting your shoppers to commit to a purchase and offering them a freebie, you can push more products and excess inventory after the major sale period.

Segment Customers And Offers

To have maximum effect, your marketing messages need to be segmented and sent to customer lists where it will have the right impact. You may have quantities of certain products that are a fit for only a certain kind of customer- for example, designer phone covers or a stack of dresses in size zero! Look at your list and see who has purchased these items, and give them a special after-Christmas deal or discount.

Discount All Dicey Inventory

Some goods that you have in stock may be perishable- for example, cosmetics, food, and even plants and flowers. Instead of allowing these items to stay past their expiration date, it makes sense to sell them at deeply discounted prices. Some revenue is better than dealing with wasted inventory (and in turn, wasted warehouse space!)