The customer experience (CX) is the centerpiece of a well-run, successful business. Your CX strategy needs to be developed early and reviewed regularly. A great product isn’t enough to maintain customer loyalty and differentiate it from competitors. 

The Statistics About CX

  • 89% of businesses compete primarily on CX.
  • 73% of consumers say that CX is the deciding factor when making a purchase.
  • 42% of customers would not mind paying more when offered warm and friendly CX.

Source: SmartKarrot

Ecommerce Retailers Share Why Customer Experience Is Important

Our customers have shared with us that:

  1. The customer experience is the keyway to standing out from their competitors.
  2. Great customer experience lowers the cost of acquiring a new customer (CAC) by increasing the likelihood of a repeat purchase or word-of-mouth promotion.
  3. A positive customer experience promotes loyalty and encourages brand advocacy.
  4. Their customers feel appreciated and feel their feedback was heard.
  5. It separates their brand from their competitors.
  6. Because of the experience, it allows our clients to offer their products at a premium price.

The CX is front and center in increasing sales and should follow multiple strategies. Maximizing the customers acquired through the current engagement matrix is most important.

CX Starts At Home And Grows With Your Business

Most entrepreneurs start by managing all aspects of their new business and typically handle the CX internally. Whether that’s the entrepreneur or the in-house team, the amount of time spent becomes overwhelming as a percentage of the tasks that must be handled. They’re responding to texts, chats, and calls on a set schedule, limiting the attention your customers are receiving.

Initially, that strategy might make sense, and your direct involvement will help to nurture the relationships with your customers and give you firsthand feedback. However, you will soon learn that scaling a business will be challenging unless you modify that strategy.

Now That Your Business Has Grown, Is An Overflow Call Center Next?

If you want to handle customer engagement in-house, an overflow call center can be a valuable asset for your business. It will improve your CX experience and overall sales strategy. Here are some steps you can take to use an overflow call center as part of your CX and sales strategy:

  • Start by defining what you want to achieve through your CX and sales strategy. Whether it is increasing revenue, acquiring new customers, or boosting customer loyalty, it’s essential to have clear goals in mind.
  • Look for an overflow call center with the reputation and tenure to understand your business and its offerings. Here are 35 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Contact Center.
  • Provide the agents with the necessary training to effectively sell your products and services and answer your customers’ questions. This includes training them on product knowledge and objection handling.
  • Communicate your sales goals and the experience you want your customers to receive. Be clear about the types of calls they should handle, the sales targets you want to achieve, and any other metrics you want to track. Set up a communication matrix for escalated issues you want the call center to handle and the ones you want to be referred back to you. Be wary of the overuse of chatbots. Used properly, they can serve a limited purpose, but increasingly consumers are discouraged by the interaction and find them overused.
  • Track the call center’s performance and regularly review sales and customer engagement metrics. This will help you identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to your CX and sales strategy.

Communication with your customers 24/7/365 is now table stakes. Customers being able to connect with you and get a response as quickly as possible will set you apart from your competition.

By incorporating an overflow call center into your CX and sales strategy, you can provide additional support to your sales and operations team and ensure that your customers are engaged and satisfied, leading to increased revenue and improved brand satisfaction.

Speed Commerce Can Improve Your Customer Experience

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