Retailers tend to channel most of their energy into the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas, which is understandable given that most of them make a bulk of their profits during this period. But don’t ignore the rest of the year- there are plenty of smaller holidays peppered across the calendar, from Valentine’s Day in winter to Easter in springtime and Halloween in the fall. Spring Break may be over in some areas of the country, but there are still enough holidays you can cash in on before summer arrives! Here is a quick list of holidays, observances and celebrations that ecommerce merchants can use to their advantage.

Friday, April 18th, Good Friday: Though it isn’t a Federal Holiday, there are a dozen-odd states that have declared it a state holiday – and it kicks off Easter weekend, so if you have any final promotions you want to put out, Good Friday is a good day to start.

Sunday, April 20th, Easter: You have two weekends and three full weeks from the start of the month to promote your Easter specials. Clothes, books, toys, chocolate, and Easter eggs are popular gift items, but you can promote any kind of product or service as an Easter special and encourage shoppers to ‘fill their Easter baskets’ online.

Monday, May 5th, Cinco de Mayo: Cinco de Mayo is all about celebration and festivities, so ecommerce merchants across the board can serve up sales, discounts, and gift offers. Plus, since it falls on a Monday this year, you can get in an extra weekend of shopping before the big day.

Sunday May 11th, Mother’s Day: Since Mother’s Day, like Easter, is guaranteed to fall on a Sunday, retailers have the added benefit of extending offers and sales over the weekend and creating a longer holiday. This is a great opportunity for retailers to push personalization and make Mom’s gift extra special this year!

Thursday, May 22nd, Earth Day: Earth Day is gaining in prominence with each passing year, so don’t ignore it. If you are an ecommerce merchant specializing in eco-friendly products or reducing your carbon footprint, promote that in a big way to get people to buy more. Another good way to encourage people to make a purchase is to tie-in your sales with a green cause, like donating some of your proceeds to an environmental non-profit. Give people a chance to feel good about their purchase ahead of Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 26th, Memorial Day: Since Memorial Day always falls on a Monday, you have a chance to offer an extended sale period. However, you need to start early – many of your shoppers may be away on small getaways and vacations, so give them a chance to shop beforehand for summery clothes, outdoor gear, watersports equipment, and more!

June 12th: FIFA World Cup begins: You don’t have to be a sportswear brand or sporting goods company to cash in on this one. Millions of people watch the World Cup, and every retailer can create a deal around it! If you sell apparel, try color-coded sales based on the colors of a team’s jersey. If you sell gourmet food, you can offer discounts or promotions on products from a certain country – German beer, Italian pasta, French chocolate, Brazilian coffee.. get creative! Flash sales ahead of an important match can also drive people to ‘get their shopping out of the way,’ so they can sit back and enjoy the match. Think out of the box and promote yourself silly.

Sunday, June 15th, Father’s Day: Father’s Day, too, falls on Sunday, so you can use the weekend to put forth promotions and offer everyone a chance to do last-minute shopping. Plus, you have two whole shopping weekends between May 30th and June 15th (May 31st/June 1st + June 7th/8th,) to give customers a head start! This is another great time to push personalization – or, if you’re a subscription business, advertise the convenience and simplicity of your offering as the gift that keeps on giving!

 In addition to these holidays and festivals, there are plenty of opportunities to promote your products and services for other special events like birthdays, weddings, engagements, baby showers and bridal showers that may happen in the springtime. Whether you specialize in gifts, apparel, food and, drink or travel, you can find a way to offer up a great deal to your customer this season!