The company has expanded its capacity in response to growing demand for outsourcing.  

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, June 16, 2022Speed Commerce, a single-source provider of omnichannel fulfillment, call center, and technology solutions for retailers and manufacturers, announced that they are nearing completion of the first phase of their capacity-building campaign. This is welcome news as warehouse capacity across the U.S. is at historic lows leaving ecommerce businesses scrambling for space.

“We’ve added additional capacity to meet the reality of ecommerce businesses tightening up their expenses but not wanting to give up quality and operational excellence,” shared Cary Samourkachian, President and CEO of Speed Commerce.

Market conditions are placing an enormous weight on ecommerce business owners. Rising costs in labor, overseas shipping nightmares, and increasing customer expectations are pushing ecommerce to streamline their operations and be more efficient. That’s where Speed Commerce comes in.

Speed Commerce offers a broad range of specialized solutions for retailers and manufacturers customized to their clients’ specific requests. This can take many forms: contact center services, ecommerce customer service, 3PL services, omnichannel fulfillment, freight management, and end-to-end ecommerce order fulfillment.

In other words, Speed Commerce is the operational expertise behind some of America’s biggest online brands. They provide full-service pick-pack-ship to fulfill orders from multiple online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, and most importantly, the retailer’s website.

Beyond the basics of 3PL services, the company offers additional services, including product personalization (embroidery, embossing, engraving, and custom packaging), kitting, and light assembly in their warehouse before sending the product out to the customer.

They also operate a year-round, 24/7 customer care facility for their clients who want to expand their capabilities or outsource to an American-based call center.

As part of the first phase of the capacity campaign, Speed Commerce expanded its facilities, hired and trained staff, and strengthened technology to quickly onboard new clients.

Samourkachian continued, “With 40 years of experience in catalog and ecommerce retail operations, we know ecommerce better than any other provider, and a business owner gets this all under one roof instead of having to patchwork solutions. Everyone at Speed Commerce wants to help our clients grow their ecommerce businesses.”

Speed Commerce is based in the U.S. and employs workers in and around Indiana, Missouri, and Nevada.

About Speed Commerce

Specializing in ecommerce order fulfillment, Speed Commerce is an end-to-end provider of scalable solutions for retailers and manufacturers. We grow our clients’ businesses by providing delightful customer experiences through 24/7/365 ecommerce customer service, digital marketing, ecommerce technology, full-service fulfillment, warehousing, and much more. Speed Commerce fulfills the brand promise our clients make to their customers every day.

Speed Commerce is a privately held U.S. company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Speed Commerce® is a registered trademark of 5G Acquisitions, LLC.