Fulfillment is a potential source of future sales or a selling point itself.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, July 19, 2022Speed Commerce released the white paper: “4 Ways Fulfillment Can Make (or Break) Your Next Sale” to help ecommerce companies improve their operations.

The white paper analyzes the fulfillment process to uncover hidden pitfalls that cause ecommerce to fail its customers. From ecommerce order fulfillment timelines to order returns, fulfillment operations have many critical points where service can fall short of expectations.

It’s about getting the customer the right product on time and without damage to create a winning customer experience. Opportunities for efficiencies are available throughout the fulfillment process. The white paper presents strategies to align your warehouse’s capabilities with your customers’ expectations. It’s better to pleasantly surprise your customer than to fall short of your promises. Freight management is another area to keep an eye on as freight charges add up quickly. Many retailers can find economies of scale by pooling their freight needs with other businesses using a 3PL service, like Speed Commerce.  

Michael Plichta, Sales Manager at Speed Commerce, shared, “We work with ecommerce brands and take over their distribution and call center functions, freeing them from operational headaches so they can focus on what matters most to grow their brand.”

At Speed Commerce, they work with ecommerce brands and help build their business. They receive, inventory, and warehouse their clients’ products in their distribution center, pick-pack-ship customers’ orders, and process returns.

They run a call center where they handle customer service via phone, e-mail, live chat, and social media platforms on behalf of ecommerce brands.

In addition, Speed Commerce performs other administrative tasks, such as Medicare claims processing, just-in-time purchasing, and various back-office functions that require an ecommerce business to continue running.

Over the years, they’ve expanded their services and now own embroidery, etching, engraving machines, and more. This equipment allows them to personalize products on behalf of their clients.

Speed Commerce hires and trains the staff that manages all the behind-the-scenes work and can readily expand when there are peaks and volumes in their orders.

The white paper can be downloaded from www.SpeedCommerce.com/WhitePaper/.

Speed Commerce is based in the U.S. and employs workers in and around Indiana, Missouri, and Nevada.

About Speed Commerce

Specializing in ecommerce order fulfillment, Speed Commerce is an end-to-end provider of scalable solutions for retailers and manufacturers. We grow our clients’ businesses by providing delightful customer experiences through 24/7/365 ecommerce customer service, digital marketing, ecommerce technology, full-service fulfillment, warehousing, and much more. Speed Commerce fulfills the brand promise our clients make to their customers every day.

Speed Commerce is a privately held U.S. company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.