This blog is part five in a five-part series on product personalization. To read the full resource guide “5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Product Personalization”, please click here.

Every retailer wants to be different – although we might want to emulate another competitor’s marketing, business strategy, or success, we don’t want to be them. If you did, you’d just go work for them, right? So it’s no secret that a successful ecommerce operation brings a little something extra to the table that makes its brand stand out in the eyes of the consumer. And what piece makes it more personal than personalization!

Even if you’re not the only retailer in your space that’s offering product customization, you can still use your capabilities to create memorable customer experiences. Here are a few things to consider when looking to differentiate yourself on the customization front:

  • Do it – if you’re not already personalizing products, you’re different.. in a bad way. Get on the gravy train!
  • Find out what your competitors are doing – then do it better. Or better yet, find out what they’re not doing – and do that awesomely!
  • Create the ultimate high-touch experience for personalized products, whether it’s superb product renderings in real-time, custom web portals for personalization, or other product recommendations that can be personalized.
  • What are the top pain points in your niche when it comes to personalization? Costs? Finding quality vendors? Lead times? Whatever it is, strive to break that mold – then advertise the heck out of your ability to do it better.

For even more great tips on how to use personalization to stand out, download our resource guide.