This blog is part four of a five-part series on product personalization. To read the complete resource guide “5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Product Personalization”.

Ah, brand loyalty. It’s so important but hard to achieve, especially with the haphazard ways we all shop nowadays. Brands can’t just mass-market anymore if they want to make customers come back – they have to approach every interaction as a one-to-one relationship just to get them to their site, then give them a reason to engage with the brand once they get there. Product personalization, by definition, is EXACTLY this type of engagement!

Remember that Bain & Company survey we referenced in a previous post? It found that customers who personalize products rate considerably higher than ‘regular’ buyers in key engagement metrics.

Customers who chose to personalize orders spent more time on a retailer’s website purchased more frequently and spent more when they did. Even more importantly – they have retailers with a higher Net Promoter Score (the likelihood that they’d recommend the brand to family, friends, and others in their social circles) than those who didn’t personalize. What you can take from this graph: if you’re not offering customization and your competitors are, you’re missing out on many customers (and referrals, too).

You, too, can use the personalization process to make customers fall madly in love with you. Follow these simple steps, and they might even send you a sweet personalized gift:

  • Create programs that push personalization to the next level – use customer data to identify purchase trends, then offer customized programs to encourage repeat purchases.
  • Up the ante with even more personalization. Use the opportunity to add gift wrapping, a nice note, or an occasion-related card to give them that warm-and-fuzzy feeling!
  • Capture customer data during the order process to utilize later. Nothing says “our brand knows you,” like a customer care agent referencing a buyer’s order recipient by name when they call in a year later to reorder!