With the pandemic, consumers are spending so much time shopping online that retailers have to find new ways to get in front of their audience this holiday season. How do you compete in a crowded market?

It’s all about creating more value for the customer, with easier return policies and user-friendly sites.


Many online retailers have amped up their advertising spends this year to include search platforms and social media. Sponsoring social media posts helps to reach your customers. Consider opening a Facebook store too.

Improve Your Email Campaigns

Entice your subscribers to take action with promo codes not found online or free gifts. Bogo campaigns are fantastic at increasing sales and help your customer find products for their holiday list.

Don’t forget about your customer’s wishlists or frequent purchases from your store. Reminder emails help customers remember to order their favorite products.

Live Chat

Integrate live chat features on your website so customers can readily ask questions about your products. Empower your representatives to provide upsell ideas or private promo offers to customers who are on the fence with their decision.


Returning customers can make up a significant portion of your sales. Reward your loyal customers with special perks such as free shipping, discounts, or free gifts.

Boost your marketing efforts before the holiday hustle and bustle to stand out from the crowd.