Think back to things in our past that are no longer needed or fun because of the Internet – encyclopedias, movie rental stores, a mixed tape. Holiday catalogs are one of those products of the past. Many of us can remember circling toys in the catalog and strategically leaving it by dad’s chair. How do kids today let their parents know what they want for the holidays?

We asked 20 of Speed Commerce’s employees regarding this holiday topic. Read below for some of my favorite discoveries.

  • All 20 employees wrote letters to Santa as children. Some would research before their letter writing by perusing catalogs.
  • Today, the children in their lives provide holiday lists via digital catalogs and mobile apps.
  • A whopping 100 percent will buy at least half of their gifts online with price and brand loyalty being the determining factors. Ease of checkout is a concern, but not a necessity.

Sharing holiday gift ideas can be challenging today. Empower your customers with public wishlist options as well as arming your contact center with complimentary gift ideas. Upselling can offer your customers the opportunity to check more items off their list!