Regarding online help, shoppers can be a lot like Veruca Salt. They want help NOW. If they can’t get the question answered when they need it answered, they’ll just buy what they want somewhere else. You lose the sale and possibly a future loyal customer.

Enter Chat

According to Forrester Research:

“Customers are very comfortable using chat for customer service. Usage rates have risen in the past three years — from 30% in 2009 to 43% in 2012 — and we see this increase in all consumer demographics. Chat also has excellent satisfaction ratings, as it allows customers to quickly get answers to questions with a streamlined agent interaction.”

Opening an online chat communication channel is a fantastic way to capture, engage and build a real relationship with your online shopper and answer pre/post-sales questions. Ecommerce stores adding online chat can typically see a noticeable jump in sales, average order value, and value-add sales. It can also reduce shopping cart abandonment and cost per acquisition. If you’re an online retailer – you need live chat support.

If you’ve just launched your online store or want to give chat a tryout, the investment in live support platforms can be a little daunting. While you shouldn’t be a penny wise and a pound foolish, there’s a solution that allows you to start live chatting now. For free.

Enter Olark

Olark is a super easy-to-use online chat tool. The Olark team, founded in 2009, makes it simple to engage with your customers directly from your website. Best of all, they offer a free version that allows one operator to chat with up to 20 shoppers simultaneously.

Don’t forget to check out Olark’s site for helpful tips on using chat.