We’ve all heard the horror stories of terrible customer “care”: being put on hold for hours, the “no-answer’ answer, being belittled, and in many cased down right bulled by call center reps.  So in celebration of Halloween, we collected a few that are alarming – and a little amusing.

Speed Commerce manages call centers for more than 50 large retail clients and we obsess over the customer experience. Our agent often go to bizarre lengths to ensure each of our clients’ customers know how appreciated they are.

Here are 4 great examples of “what not to do” ever!

1. It’s best not to call your sales prospects “Little Girl”

2. Verizon Call Center agents (and manager) fail at basic math

3. A comcastastic way to handle a customer who wants to cancel their service

4. Customer 100% loses it! Who is this Michele!?

Warning: NSFW language & horrible spelling


Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral