We love running warehouses, managing contact centers, and shipping orders. Fortunately for us, not everyone in direct-to-consumer retail loves it as much as we do. Based on our conversations with our ecommerce clients and a few observations after 40 years in the industry, we’ve compiled a list of six things that are more fulfilling than managing the pick-pack-ship process. If you choose to outsource, you too can enjoy these things and more!

1) Take a vacation

If your operations are so slammed that you haven’t taken a break in three years, or if every time you do take a break, all hell breaks loose, you are probably a good candidate for outsourced order fulfillment. With someone else (an expert, no less) handling the day-to-day tasks and overseeing all customer interactions, you won’t have to worry about getting away for a few days. Just think, where could you be right now?

2) Meet your family (again)

This one should be high on your priority list. Running an ecommerce business gets especially busy during the holiday season – whether that holiday season is at Christmas, Father’s Day, or Memorial Day. This is when you’d rather be at home making memories than in the warehouse packing orders (or worse yet, in the conference room solving logistical issues). So why not make a change that will help you get to spend time with your family when it means the most? You might find out that they’re pretty nice people to be around.

3) Stop stressing

All that added stress from day-to-day disgruntled customers and solving problems in your operations isn’t good for your health and wellbeing. When you outsource to a provider like Speed Commerce, you’ll likely be assigned an account manager (we call them Client Success Managers) who will serve as your point person for all things you need to know. Having someone on your side solving problems for you – and being proactive – goes a long way to making you feel better.

4) Show your employees more love

Now that you aren’t juggling those operations tasks, focus on employee development, additional product training, or even a little workplace morale boost. And yes, it’s true – if you go from in-house to outsourced operations, chances are you’ll have to cut some staff. But now that you won’t have to focus so much time, money, and energy on the day-to-day warehouse operations, you may be able to identify and develop other skills in some of these employees that can help your business in other areas.

5) Expand!

With the headaches of operations handled elsewhere, you can work with your teams to better identify new growth opportunities, whether it’s expanding your product line, hiring staff for other business areas, or something else. Thanks to outsourcing, you may be able to find areas where you can improve your service offerings, such as product personalization, upgraded shipping options, or utilize your partner’s network of connections to enhance your brand experience.

6) Make more money

Many retailers save money and expand their services when they outsource. Think of it this way – with less payroll, fewer building and equipment leases, and fewer utilities on your books, you’re bound to find some areas where you can either invest some extra cash or take on a new business venture.

Are you ready to spend your time differently? Outsource to Speed Commerce and find out what you’ve been missing!