Whether it’s the holiday season or your slowest season, some customers will send their orders back for many reasons. The product could be the wrong size/color, damaged, or not wanted or needed. Whatever the issue is, when you receive a return, you need to turn it around fast – returned inventory that’s not pickable on the warehouse floor means items it’s just taking up space. Check out our tips for speeding up your returns reviving process if your returns process is too slow.

Spell It Out

First things first: to expedite the returns process, you need to have a straightforward returns policy on your site that tells customers where, when, and how to send back their items. Indicate a timeframe for returns, what products qualify, the acceptable condition of the item when it’s returned, and what packaging to use. If you set some guidelines on the front end, you can get customers to ‘prep’ some of your returns.

Provide Labels & Details

Another way to speed up the returns process is by giving your customers return labels and/or packaging upfront. This can be done by either including them in the original order or emailing a printable PDF copy when shipment tracking info is sent out. Simplifying the process means that your customers can get their products returned quickly and without much confusion. And you can expedite the refund or reshipment process, which makes customers very happy!

Designate a Space

Your returns department should occupy a separate section within your warehouse, not simply shoved somewhere in the receiving area or someone’s office. Returns need to be organized away from the rest of your merchandise so you can inspect them for any defects, perform any necessary refurbishing or repackaging, and return them to stock or send them back to the vendor. If you have certain products requiring a specific refurbishing process (hygienic cleansing or steaming, for example), having a designated space for returns is especially important so that your areas are clean and tools are immediately available.