To run a successful ecommerce business, you must have great customer service. Whether it’s phone support, live chat, or email, having a contact center team that understands your processes, products, and brand is the key to a seamless customer experience.

In order to achieve a great experience that keeps customers coming back, you need to be proactive and work together. Here are a few key tips to consider:

  1. Customers prefer to self-service. Most customers would rather find the answer themselves than pick up the phone or start a chat. When preparing your website content have your ecommerce team consult your contact center team to see what questions can be answered in the site content so users get what they need without having to ask.
  2. Customer service affects loyalty. Customers are more likely to return when resolving issues is made easy. Customer service means a lot of things.  It’s not always just about returning products or asking questions. If your site load time is longer than 1-2 seconds, images don’t appear correctly, or your checkout or account login setup is bulky and painful, shoppers will likely turn to other retailers. Make sure that any feedback from customer surveys or conversations about site experience is immediately communicated to your e-commerce team.
  3. The importance of monitoring forums. Retailer review websites can provide valuable feedback about what your customers are saying about you and their shopping experience. Make sure to check these sites regularly.
  4. Traditional email notifications are losing their effectiveness. Thanks to changes in email systems like Google’s ‘tab’ system, messages from retailers are being sent to customers’ “less-important” inboxes. With that in mind, it’s important for your ecommerce and marketing teams to come up with more creative ways to promote your product. Consider alternate ways of using your contact center to reach customers. Perhaps calls to thank customer’s for their purchase or to verify their issue was resolved.