The 2019 UPS study, Pulse of the Online Shopper, offered valuable insight for ecommerce retailers regarding consumers’ attitudes on shipping, delivery, and the entire operations process. This study asked over 18,000 ecommerce consumers about everything from reasons why they abandon their carts, to what they expect when they click ‘buy’, to what improvements online retailers can make to their sites to improve the customer experience. The results provide fascinating insights for retailers, consumers, and suppliers.

Shipping Preferences

One of the key takeaways from the survey that 95 percent of consumers want to see their full shipping prices and delivery options, while 94 percent want a guaranteed delivery date.

In considering shipping services, consumers want the option to expedite their order to saving money with delayed delivery. Delivery locations such as home, work, in store, and locker were all popular with survey respondents.

Clearly, consumers want transparency and control when it comes to shipping options. 

Cart Abandonment

Abandoned carts are sales just waiting for the consumer to hit that final submit button and complete the transaction. Often times, the shopper does not return to complete the purchase. These lost sales can have a big impact on retailers.

What causes these shoppers to leave their carts unpurchased? The survey found a number of reasons which retailers have a great deal of control over:

There are many reasons a shopper takes a final look at their cart and decides to leave the site. Retailers should look at their abandoned carts regularly to determine patterns and take action to meet the needs of their shoppers.

One way to save a sale is to send the shopper a discount if they return and complete their purchase.

As you think ahead to your online business’s future, keep in mind the shifting needs of consumers. The 2019 survey trends are likely to have a growing impact on consumer behavior in 2020 and beyond.