Although it’s how some of the most successful ecommerce companies in the world have gotten their start, packing boxes out of a residential garage wasn’t in PetBox’s long-term strategy. In a market where outsourced operations are the norm, founders Will Ford and Sean Conlon weren’t concerned about deciding to outsource; however, they knew that choosing a partner who would grow with them, enhance their customers’ experience, and create new opportunities for their brand makes all the difference in their start-up’s success.  That means finding someone with an expandable footprint, a flexible approach to operations (no ‘cookie cutter’ plans!), and a deep network of ecommerce connections that can help with marketing, merchandising, site design, and more.

PetBox’s approach, from CEO Sean Conlon: “Online, you don’t have the same luxury of touching your customers as brick-and-mortar retailers do, so your customer’s experience should be a good balance of clear communication and prompt delivery. I firmly believe in the “bootstrapping” methodology and using as few resources to get you as far as possible in each horizon plan.” That’s where Speed Commerce came in!

Want to know how the story ends? Read our case study to learn more about how Speed Commerce and PetBox worked together to launch the ‘next big thing’ in subscription box retail – and why, thanks to this partnership, there’s no end in sight to the success of this brand!