In the previous post, we talked about what customers are currently looking for in the contact center. A survey showed that customers want to be able to access help quickly, easily, and get accurate information without much hassle.

Live chat is a great way to provide all three – and you can build in your brand’s values and messages into the interaction as well.

Here is a closer look at live chat to see how it can be a useful tool for both customers and retailers alike.

Boost Conversions

Quick answers and assistance translates to more sales; it’s not a secret. Instead of waiting to hear back, only to receive an answer that isn’t helpful, or just getting frustrated and immediately leaving the site, live chat helps resolve the customer’s pain as it is happening. More often than not, customers who seek out live chat assistance are ready to make a purchase – they just need that extra information or help before they checkout and pay. Even more importantly, live chat captures e-commerce customers in their ‘natural environment’: online. They won’t have to stop what they’re doing to grab the phone and dial a number. They can just keep clicking, typing, and buying.

Increase Efficiencies

This holds true for both time and money. Because of the instant nature of live chat, customers can get help without having to send repeated emails or call multiple times, cutting down on both consumer frustration and retailer resources. Chats also offer the customer the convenience of logging in from anywhere and on any device. They do not need to navigate away from a page. Statistics also show that live chat helps control costs by lowering interaction costs, since one agent can handle multiple chats at a time (which isn’t true with voice calls).

Push Specific Pages

Another advantage of live chat is the ability to push or link to a specific page on your site. This can be useful during the holiday season when you are trying to push or promote a certain deal or set of products. It’s easier to click on a link when you are logged in online rather than listen to a recommendation over the phone!