Ecommerce retailers can set themselves apart and gain loyalty with excellent customer service. But keep in mind – today’s customers have much easier access to competitors, ratings, and reviews these days, so you need to be able to respond more quickly and effectively than ever before. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite customer-centric blogs that focus on tips, strategies, and success stories for kick-butt customer care. Check them out:

1.    Salesforce:  As the pioneers in cloud-based CRM, the Salesforce blog is a must-read for any online retailer. Their customer service section includes case studies, product highlights, and innovations, as well as useful advice for B2C and B2B merchants.

2.    ZenDesk: These guys have been around for a while and are one of the leaders in cloud-based customer service software. With reports, infographics, and interviews with experts, it’s a great resource for any retailer.

3.    Desk: Desk was recently acquired by Salesforce, and they do share some content and product updates. But what sets Desk apart is the focus on social media and how to use it for better customer service and engagement.

4.    Get Satisfaction: Get Satisfaction discusses customer conversations and feedback at length and gives you tips on how to use feedback and surveys to grow your business. But what I love most about this blog is the light-hearted tone, as well as the funny cartoons and infographics.

5.    Vertical Response: Though they provide email and direct marketing software, they also have an online survey tool that can be easily integrated into your email marketing campaigns. Their customer service blog posts teach you how to utilize the data mined from any kind of survey, as well as how to use email marketing to grow sales.

6.    Kate Legget on Forrester: If you’re looking for trends, industry data, and hard statistics, this Forrester blog has you covered.

7.    CRM Daily: CRM Daily provides the latest news and insights from both the big and small players in the industry. Add this to your feeds to learn about new products and tools and to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of customer relationship management.

8.    Customer Service Investigator (CSI): Yes, they abbreviate themselves as CSI (like the TV show) and they have in-depth articles that highlight what brands are getting customer care right and how you can adopt their strategies for your own organization. A goldmine if you are looking for strategies and best practices!

9.    Kampyle Blog: Kampyle also focuses on customer feedback and engagement, with tips on how to integrate customer feedback and support for an improved experience.

10. Freshdesk: The Freshdesk team is pretty young and they focus on customer service and social media. Be sure to check them out for their candid writing style and product tips.

11. Parature: With a healthy mix of CRM, social media, and customer experience-related posts, plus a host of absorbing infographics, this website has something for every business.

12. The Engaging Brand: Run by Anna Framery, this blog focuses on the social aspects of branding and customer service. Anna’s podcasts and graphics are also a major draw.

13. Interaction Thinking:  This blog has interesting posts related to data capture, branding, and customer service.

14. Service Untitled: Another independent blog, Service Untitled approaches the topic from a pragmatic point of view in an easy-to-understand manner. They also write from both ends of the spectrum, so there’s something here for both the retailer and for the consumer.

15. Consumerist: Although this blog isn’t centered around best practices or customer service per se, it’s perhaps one of the best sources on the internet to read about real stories from consumers as they shop.  From emerging trends and new products to stories about how brands rip you off, it gives retailers a glimpse into what’s going on and what consumers like and dislike.