It’s no secret that Speed Commerce specializes in complex fulfillment – in fact, we’re one of the few in the fulfillment space that offers such a broad range of capabilities. But what seems to be a real secret is the idea of ‘complex fulfillment’ to begin with. When asked, most retailers think that all fulfillment is multifaceted – and they’re right. But what makes your operations fall into the ‘complex’ category is anything that goes beyond a simple pick-pack-ship mantra.

The biggest challenge with complex fulfillment is that it requires additional operational functions to make it work effectively: specialized skills, man-hours, and sometimes additional warehouse space and equipment. However, when executed correctly, complex fulfillment not only drives sales, but can build customer loyalty, reduce returns, and increase brand awareness. That’s why outsourcing your fulfillment to a partner who can handle your challenging fulfillment requirements is crucial to your business!

So, do you have complex fulfillment requirements? Ask yourself if you need any of the following:

  • Kitting: Do you sell SKUs that require the combination of several products or items together before it’s ready to be shipped? If so, that’s complex! Examples include gift baskets, subscription boxes, or themed product bundles (think a gaming console plus games, a mobile phone plus an accessory, etc.).
  • Personalization: Are you embroidering, engraving, or customizing your products after the sale? That’s definitely a complex operation since it adds labor and time to your customer’s order. You can cut down on the “complexity” of this by using an operations partner who can handle these tasks in-house.
  • Custom packaging: Do you add branded paper, stickers, or special boxes for each order? Creating a customized in-box experience is a perfect example of complex fulfillment. (Examples include placing a piece of jewelry inside a velvet bag or removing a product from its manufacturer packaging and ‘dressing it up’ before shipment.)
  • Value-adds: Offering gift wrapping, customized notes, are great services that customers love – and they make your operations more challenging too! If you offer any type of post-purchase dressing-up of your products, you have complex fulfillment requirements.

Make sure to pick a fulfillment partner who can meet all your complex fulfillment needs.