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What Is a Serial Shipping Container Code?

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What Is a Serial Shipping Container Code?

A Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is a unique identification number assigned to shipping containers to facilitate efficient and accurate tracking throughout the supply chain. The primary purpose of the SSCC is to provide a standardized method for uniquely identifying individual containers, enabling seamless communication and coordination among various stakeholders involved in the transportation and logistics processes. This code typically consists of 18 digits and is encoded in a barcode format, allowing for automated data capture and quick retrieval of essential information.

What is the purpose of the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) in the logistics and supply chain industry?

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In practical terms, the SSCC serves as a digital passport for shipping containers as they move through the global supply chain. It helps organizations monitor the movement and status of containers from the point of origin to the final destination. This traceability is vital for enhancing visibility, reducing errors, and improving overall supply chain efficiency. With an SSCC, stakeholders can easily access pertinent information about a specific container, such as its origin, destination, contents, and handling instructions, streamlining logistics operations and minimizing disruptions.

Moreover, the use of SSCCs contributes to better inventory management and warehouse operations. As containers arrive at distribution centers or storage facilities, the SSCC enables automated systems to identify and allocate the received goods accurately. This not only speeds up the unloading and sorting processes but also reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual data entry. Overall, the implementation of Serial Shipping Container Codes plays a pivotal role in advancing the reliability, transparency, and effectiveness of modern supply chains.


Yes. The SSCC is a globally recognized standard created by GS1, and it serves as a unique identifier for shipping containers. It enables standardized tracking and tracing of containers throughout the supply chain, facilitating efficient logistics management.

Yes. The SSCC is designed to provide a unique identification number for each shipping container, allowing for the tracking of the container as a whole. However, it can also be used to associate with multiple items or individual units contained within that specific shipping container.

No. The SSCC remains constant for the specific shipping container throughout its journey in the supply chain. It provides a consistent identifier for the container, regardless of the changes in the contents or the addition of new products. The SSCC is linked to the container itself rather than the individual items it carries.

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