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What Is a Prepaid Freight?

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What Is a Prepaid Freight?

Prepaid freight, in the context of shipping and logistics, refers to a shipping arrangement where the shipper or seller is responsible for the freight charges associated with transporting goods from the point of origin to the destination. In this scenario, the shipper pays the shipping costs upfront, typically to the carrier, on behalf of the buyer. This means that the cost of shipping is included in the overall price of the goods, and the buyer does not bear the responsibility for the transportation expenses separately. Prepaid freight is commonly used in various industries as part of the terms of sale, and it simplifies the purchasing process for the buyer by providing a clear, all-inclusive price.

How does the use of prepaid freight impact supply chain management and financial considerations for businesses engaged in shipping and logistics?

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One of the key advantages of prepaid freight is its simplicity and transparency in financial transactions. By including the shipping costs in the initial price, buyers can easily understand the total cost of acquiring the goods without having to factor in separate shipping charges. This simplifies the procurement process, enhances predictability in budgeting, and reduces the administrative burden associated with managing freight expenses separately.

However, it's essential for both buyers and sellers to clearly communicate and agree upon the terms of prepaid freight. This includes specifying the point at which the responsibility for the goods transfers from the seller to the buyer, known as the "FOB" (Free On Board) point. Understanding these terms is vital for determining when the risk and ownership of the goods shift during the transportation process. Overall, prepaid freight is a common and practical approach in global trade that helps facilitate smooth and transparent transactions between parties involved in the sale of goods.


Yes. Prepaid freight means that the seller is responsible for arranging and covering the costs of shipping the goods to the buyer's specified destination. The seller pays the freight charges upfront, and these costs are typically included in the overall product price.

Yes. When a shipment is designated as prepaid freight, the buyer does not bear the burden of shipping costs. The seller takes care of arranging transportation, choosing the carrier, and covering the associated expenses. The buyer receives the goods without incurring additional freight charges beyond the agreed-upon product price.

Yes. Prepaid freight terms, such as "prepaid and add," "prepaid and included," or "prepaid collect," may vary based on trade agreements and international shipping terms like Incoterms. It is essential for both the buyer and seller to clearly define and agree upon the specific prepaid freight terms to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a smooth shipping process.

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