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What Is Long Ton?

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What Is Long Ton?

The long ton is a unit of weight or mass used in the British imperial system of measurement. It is equivalent to 2,240 pounds or approximately 1,016.05 kilograms. The long ton is primarily used in the United Kingdom for certain commodities, particularly in industries such as shipping, where tonnage is a common measure. It is distinct from the short ton, which is used in the United States and is equivalent to 2,000 pounds or approximately 907.185 kilograms.

What is the significance of the long ton in maritime history and trade?

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In the context of international trade and shipping, it is vital to be aware of the distinction between the long ton and the short ton, as this can impact calculations and transactions. For example, when specifying cargo weight for transportation, particularly in regions using the metric system, it's essential to clarify whether the weight is expressed in long tons or another tonnage unit to avoid confusion and ensure accurate measurements.

While the long ton is not as commonly used as the metric ton or short ton in many global industries, it remains relevant in specific contexts, particularly in regions where the British imperial system is still in use. Businesses involved in international trade and shipping need to be familiar with various units of measurement to ensure accurate and standardized communication in a global marketplace.


No, a Long Ton is not the same as a Metric Ton. While both are units of mass, a Long Ton is equivalent to 1,016 kilograms, whereas a Metric Ton is equal to 1,000 kilograms.

No, the Long Ton is not commonly used in the United States. The United States typically uses the Short Ton, which is equivalent to 907.185 kilograms. The Long Ton is more commonly used in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.

Yes, the Long Ton is still in official use in some contexts, particularly in the United Kingdom and countries that follow British Imperial units. However, many countries have adopted the Metric system, and the use of the Long Ton is less common in global trade and industry.

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