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What Is Case Picking?

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What Is Case Picking?

Case picking, also known as piece picking or broken case picking, is a warehouse operation that involves selecting individual items or products from storage locations to fulfill customer orders. Unlike full pallet or full case picking, which involve picking entire pallets or cases of goods, case picking focuses on retrieving specific quantities of items from their respective storage locations within the warehouse. Case picking is commonly used in distribution centers and fulfillment centers to fulfill e-commerce orders, retail replenishment, and other types of customer orders that require a variety of products.

What Is the Difference Between Pallet Picking and Case Picking?

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In case picking operations, warehouse workers use handheld scanners, picking carts, or automated picking systems to locate and retrieve individual items from storage locations, typically organized on shelves, racks, or bins within the warehouse. Once the items are picked, they are typically placed in tote bins, cartons, or shipping containers, where they may undergo additional packing and labeling processes before being shipped to customers. Case picking requires efficient inventory management, accurate order picking, and effective order consolidation to ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment while minimizing errors and labor costs.

Case picking is often used in warehouses that handle a wide range of SKUs (stock-keeping units) and where orders consist of a mix of different products or items. By picking individual cases or units rather than entire pallets or cases, warehouses can better accommodate the diverse product assortment and varying order quantities typical of e-commerce and retail fulfillment operations. Efficient case picking processes contribute to faster order turnaround times, improved customer satisfaction, and optimized warehouse operations.


Yes. While case picking is commonly used for order fulfillment in warehouses with diverse product assortments, it can also be scaled up to handle high order volumes by optimizing picking processes, layout design, and staffing levels to meet peak demand periods effectively.

Yes. Case picking is versatile and can be used to fulfill various types of customer orders, including e-commerce orders, retail replenishment, and wholesale orders, as it enables the selection of specific quantities of items from storage locations to meet customer demand.

Yes. Case picking is ideal for warehouses with diverse product assortments and varying SKU sizes because it allows for the selection of individual items from storage locations, accommodating different product types and order quantities.

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