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What Is an Arrival Notice?

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What Is an Arrival Notice?

An arrival notice is a document issued by a carrier, freight forwarder, or shipping agent to notify the consignee or the designated recipient that a shipment has arrived at its destination port or location. This notice serves as a vital communication tool in international trade, allowing the consignee to make timely arrangements for the clearance and delivery of the goods. The arrival notice provides essential information about the shipment, including details such as the vessel or flight number, arrival date, port of arrival, and a description of the goods.

What Is the Difference Between a Bill of Lading and an Arrival Notice?

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Upon receiving an arrival notice, the consignee can initiate the necessary customs clearance procedures, pay any applicable duties or fees, and coordinate the logistics for the final delivery of the goods to their intended destination. The notice helps the consignee prepare for the arrival of the shipment and ensures that the necessary documentation and compliance requirements are met promptly. It also serves as a formal notification, enabling all parties involved in the logistics chain to stay informed about the progress of the shipment.

The arrival notice is typically sent to the consignee well in advance of the actual arrival of the goods to provide sufficient time for necessary preparations. It is an integral part of the overall shipping and logistics process, contributing to the smooth and efficient movement of goods in international trade.


An arrival notice is issued by a carrier, providing information to pertinent stakeholders about the anticipated arrival of a shipment at a designated destination. These stakeholders encompass not only the shipper and the recipient of the goods but also extend to truckers, customs brokers, and all other individuals involved in the transportation of the item.

Yes. An arrival notice is typically sent in advance of the shipment's arrival to inform the consignee about the impending delivery. This allows the consignee to make necessary preparations for customs clearance and logistics arrangements.

Yes. Both carriers and freight forwarders can issue arrival notices. These notices serve as a formal communication to notify the consignee about the shipment's impending arrival, regardless of whether the consignment is handled by the carrier directly or through a freight forwarder.

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