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What Is Amazon's Best Sellers Ranking (BSR)?

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What Is Amazon's Best Sellers Ranking (BSR)?

Amazon's Best Sellers Ranking (BSR) is a dynamic metric that reflects the popularity and sales performance of products on the platform. Updated hourly, BSR provides valuable insights into a product's competitive standing within its category. The lower the BSR, the higher the product's sales relative to others in the same category.

What Are the Characteristics of BSR?

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Sellers and customers alike closely monitor BSR to assess a product's popularity and market competitiveness. While BSR is a powerful tool, it's essential to understand its nuances and the specific factors influencing a product's ranking within its category.

Amazon's algorithm considers various factors in determining BSR, including recent sales, historical sales data, and the overall sales performance within a category. As an influential metric, BSR impacts a product's visibility and discoverability on the platform.


BSR is updated hourly, providing a near-real-time reflection of a product's sales performance.

No, BSR is category-specific, meaning each product is ranked against others within its designated category.

Improving BSR involves optimizing product listings, implementing effective marketing strategies, and maintaining consistent sales velocity within the category.

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