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What Is an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)?

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What Is an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)?

An advanced shipping notice (ASN) is a vital document in logistics that provides detailed information about an incoming shipment before it arrives at its destination. This proactive communication allows for better preparation, improved efficiency, and enhanced visibility throughout the supply chain.

What Are the Key Features of Advanced Shipping Notices?

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Advanced shipping notices play a vital role in modern supply chain management by providing a wealth of information that allows businesses to optimize their operations. The integration of 2D barcodes ensures accurate and efficient tracking, contributing to a seamless flow of goods from the supplier to the recipient.

The use of ASNs leads to cost savings and increased accuracy in logistics operations. By leveraging the detailed information provided in ASNs, businesses can anticipate challenges, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration with partners, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.


No. While an ASN provides vital information for the recipient to prepare for the incoming goods, it doesn't serve the same purpose as a tracking number. Tracking numbers are usually associated with the shipment's journey in transit and are used to monitor and trace the package's location in real-time as it moves through the shipping and delivery process.

If you are the shipper, you have the option to obtain an advanced shipping notice by creating it through a fulfillment software that complies with electronic data interchange (EDI) standards. Conversely, if you're the buyer, the seller responsible for dispatching your shipment provides you with the ASN.

The primary objective of an advanced shipping notice (ASN) is to inform the customer about the shipping process and offer details regarding the physical characteristics of the shipment. This notification enables the customer to make necessary preparations and be ready to accept the delivery.

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