Speed Commerce

Our Story

Our Story

Fueling the eCommerce Revolution

Speed Commerce is an end-to-end provider of scalable customer experience solutions for ecommerce retailers and manufacturers. We grow our clients' businesses by providing winning customer experience strategies such as 24/7/365 customer care, marketing, ecommerce technology management, fulfillment, and warehousing. Designed around the customer's needs, our solutions help brands streamline operations, leverage technology, and find greater efficiencies.

Our Mission

Speed Commerce fulfills the brand promise our clients make to their customers every day.

Growing to meet the changing Demands of Ecommerce

Our History

From catalogs to online stores, we know ecommerce.

Stark Bro’s Fulfillment Services

We trace our roots back to 1982 when one of America’s oldest companies – Stark Bro’s Nurseries – founded Stark Bro’s Fulfillment to keep their agricultural employees working during the winter months. The facility in Louisiana, Missouri, was opened and later expanded to a second facility a few blocks away. The company handled fulfillment and call center services for catalog companies.


Sigma Micro Holdings

Stark Bro’s Fulfillment came under new ownership by the Indianapolis-based Sigma Micro Holdings. Sigma Micro’s software division boasted two flagship products for order management: Controller+ and Sigma Commerce. These software packages were developed specifically for Stark Bro’s Fulfillment and later distributed more broadly. Some of the nation’s most successful retailers trusted these platforms as their single control center for merchandising, call center, warehouse, web store, point of sale, marketing, and finance.


Fifth Gear

Sigma Micro and Stark Bro’s Fulfillment announced their official consolidation under a new brand: Fifth Gear. With the combined power and expertise of these long-time industry leaders all under one roof, Fifth Gear became a single-source provider for fulfillment services, contact center services, e-commerce technology, and internet marketing.


Speed Commerce, Inc.

Fifth Gear was acquired by Speed Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPDC), thanks to the backing of an investment firm. Speed Commerce expanded its footprint across the United States and Mexico due to the acquisition. 

After years of intense expansion, the company’s performance was not meeting investor expectations, and the stock price plunged. The stock was delisted from the NASDAQ, and the remaining leadership decided to break up the business and sell off the assets.


Speed Commerce

An individual investor and long-time client since the Stark Bro’s days purchased select assets and started the company anew.

The sale included Speed Commerce’s trademarks and other intellectual property, including the technology package Sigma Commerce and the two facilities in Louisiana, Missouri. Many team members from the predecessor company joined the new company, some with employment dating back decades.

Today, the company operates from its facilities in Louisiana, MO, and Indianapolis, IN. The headquarters office is located in Las Vegas, NV. Future locations are planned as the company grows organically with its clients. 

Coming in 2023

Speed Commerce plans to expand its operations in 2023. Look for exciting announcements to come. 


Corporate Headquarters

3485 W Harmon Ave Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV  89103
Phone:   866-947-5655

Contact & Fulfillment Centers

3016 Georgia St
Louisiana, MO  63353
Phone:   573-754-5511

Technology Services

3905 Vincennes Rd Ste 515
Indianapolis, IN  46268
Phone:   317-631-0907

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