5 More Things Customers Want From Your Contact Center

Posted by Speed Commerce on August 13, 2014

We’re back with 5 more things that customers expect from ecommerce retailers’ customer care. Let’s dive into another list, shall we? (Go here to see the previous 5 tips).

1. Knowledge
It goes without saying that your contact center agents need to have in-depth knowledge about your products, but they should also have extensive visibility into how your operations work to fill orders. They should understand the process an order goes through at each stage through delivery so they can address ‘Where’s my order?’ calls quickly, and should also understand what value-added services you offer and what customers should expect.

2. Speed
If you want to get that product sold, act now. Once you understand what’s wrong and how to rectify it, put the solution in motion immediately. Customers whose initial social media posts or emails are unanswered, left on hold, or given low-priority can quickly get angry – and spread their anger virally at the expense of your brand reputation.

3. Follow Up
A little follow-up after a problem is addressed helps. Call or email the customer a few days post-resolution to see whether they received the replacement item or if their refund has been promptly processed. You not only gain feedback into how your operations are performing, but also have the opportunity to upsell and build customer loyalty.

4. Being Proactive
It pays to pay attention. Sometimes, things can be rectified even before they get out of hand. For example, if an order has come in from a long-time customer and they’ve keyed in an incorrect zipcode in their delivery address, have an agent email them and ask whether there’s been a mistake. The customer will appreciate the care you have taken, and you avoid processing an order twice. It also helps to review calls at the end of the day to see if there any trends or patterns in the complaints received. This could point to a larger back-end issue.

5. Action!
And last but not least, act. Tell them what you’re going to do and do it already. Deliver on what you’ve – and don’t make promises that you know you can’t honor. Being consistent and quick in the contact center will ensure happy customers who will return.


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