Shoppers not buying? Check your product pages!

Posted by Speed Commerce

You’ve invested in marketing and advertising. Traffic to your online store is better than it’s ever been. But sales? Not quite what you were expecting.

But why? The answer may be there, in front of you. There, on your screen. It’s your product pages.

Here are a few common mistakes that may standing in the way of converting your site visitors to buyers.

Not Focusing on the Products

While the site does have to be visually appealing, you can’t forget about the user experience – how your customers navigate your site to find the products that they want, get the merchandise in the shopping cart, and then checkout.

A good default is to keep the site simple – don’t add stuff that may take away from the merchandise you’re selling. And please, whatever you do, don’t make your company logo bigger. It’s fine just how it is.

Keep the focus on the products. Need some ideas? Jacob Gube, founder of Six Revisions, has assembled 30 product pages that are sure to inspire.

Terrible Product Images

Do you like buying things sight unseen? Your customers don’t either. Poorly photographed products or images that a just too small or blurry can kill conversions like a plague. They don’t properly convey the merchandise and can ultimately dull your brand.

What can you do about it? Outsourcing is always an option, but not every ecommerce retailer can afford to make that investment. Another option? Do it yourself, but do it much better than you were doing it before.

Jeff Delacruz, co-founder of Products on White Photography, has put together The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography available on Shopify’s Ecommerce University.

Once you have those beautiful product pictures, be sure to include more than one image. Customers can’t touch your product, so they want to see it from every angle. And consider close-ups to point out the finer details.

Not Including Related Products

In a traditional retail store, similar and/or complimentary items are placed in close proximity to each other. This allows the customer to peruse and compare so they can make the right buying decision and possibly purchase something they had not previously thought about getting. How can you translate this in-store experience to your online shop?

Use a product recommendation tool like Strands Recommender (they’ve even got a FREE 30-day trial). You’re customers will get a more personalized shopping experience while you could ultimately see a higher average order value.

A good looking site it non-negotiable, but design can often run wild. Sometimes, we get so excited about what we can do, like adding dancing elves or falling snow, that we sometimes forgot about the people (your potential customers) that are actually using the site and why they are really there (to buy your stuff).

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