4 Tips for an Awesome Easter Selling Season

We have just a few more days until Easter weekend, so it’s time to start cashing in on the shopping days left. Last year, Americans spent an estimated $17.2 billion for Easter, and even more on Mother’s Day – which follows just a few weeks later this year. So make the most of spring spending season! Here are four top places to focus your time:

Read Your Customers’ Mind – Sorta
There are more than just chocolate and Easter eggs to be sold – try to understand what your customers may be searching for during these holidays as it pertains to your product mix. Also, take a look at shopping search terms via Google Trends – since wedding season is around the corner, shoppers could be searching for bridal wear, bridal shower gifts, wedding decorations, invites, and more.  Google Trends gives you a clear timeline-based snapshot, so you can see what is trending at the moment.

You Should Have Started Yesterday
Most purchases are made prior to the holiday. Close to half of the seasonal, Easter-specific merchandise is purchased in the weeks before Easter. Start updating your inventory levels and push everything Easter-related on your site: candy, toys, chocolates, and gift baskets. You should also clean up product descriptions and work Easter into your metadata. Once you understand the prominent search terms, working that into your content and product pages should be easy.

Promote Cleverly
It goes without saying that you need to promote yourself on all digital channels, from email to Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you use the right hashtags, create an Easter-themed Facebook cover photo, customize your emails and Twitter page with the right images, and dress up all your marketing material to reflect the season. But try to promote in a way that gives you more steam. With Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and Father’s Day around the bend, you can start promoting gifts and offers related to those holidays as well. Give shoppers who make an Easter purchase a discount code or an early bird Mother’s/Father’s Day coupon. Oh, and if you offer product personalization – push it! These holidays are very memorable for many consumers, so it should be an easy upsell!

Have Fun!
And of course, don’t forget to have a little fun! This will ensure that your customers have a great time shopping, too. Have an online Easter egg hunt by placing logos or symbols on certain products and asking customers to ‘find’ the Easter egg within your product pages. Extend the hunt beyond the website to social media. With a growing number of shoppers using tablets and smartphones to shop and research, it’s worth investing in mobile promotions. Also, don’t forget to give shoppers something to laugh about, like “Free EGGspress shipping,” “EGGciting offers,” and an “EGGstra’ 10% discount.” They may sound cliché, but they can bring a smile to customer’s face and encourage them to buy a little more. It’s all about the warm-and-fuzzy when it comes to great D2C marketing, and what’s more warm and fuzzy than baby chicks and Easter bunnies?!

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