A couple of weeks, we touched on what to look for in a contact center agent. But how do you get the right agent to apply for the job? Let’s look at recruitment marketing strategies to help you find the best contact center agents.

1. An enticing job posting: The contact center must present itself in the best manner to attract the best candidates. A good ad must:

  • Entice good candidates to work for your company.
  • Attract many qualified job seekers to apply.

These objectives can be achieved if the ad focuses on both the contact center and the agent.

Highlight the impact your agents will have on the business and customers. Customer service is the heart of any company, and your agents are essential to your business. Provide an appealing list of benefits or perks your agents will enjoy. This will help potential candidates understand what it will be like for them when working for your company.

2. An idea of what you want:

The contact center needs to have an ideal candidate profile in mind. Work with supervisors, hiring managers, and other contact center agents to determine what the team needs to be successful and get it down in writing. Ask human resources to check the candidates who apply against that list. Chances are you won’t be checking everything off that list for any of the candidates, but even if you don’t get the perfect candidate, you will come closer to what you want by having everyone on the same page.

3. A way to find the good ones:

When it comes to finding talent and hiring quality agents, you need some patience! There is a general perception that a contact center agent doesn’t need qualifications to do their job, but that’s not true. Contact center agents may not need experience, but they need other skills such as great communication skills, empathy, understanding brand voice, and more. The key is to concentrate your advertising efforts to generate a talent pool. Have a good look at the ideal profile and consider advertising in marketplaces specific to your niche or ecommerce customer service. Go to where you candidates hang out and make your application process as easy as possible.

4. Flexibility:

Let’s face it, most ideal candidates already have jobs; however, there’s no need for you to lose out on this segment just because they cannot fit in time for an immediate interview. An alternative that has grown in popularity is virtual interviews. This works out for your benefit since you’ll be testing them on the phone or online, where their skills are most important anyway! Schedule an audio call or a video session for the preliminary interviews.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your marketing strategies! While you want to stay true to your brand, keep current with trends to find your audience.