The Future of Ecommerce: A Pictorial

In the mood for some good news? Spoiler: the ecommerce industry is growing, and there’s no indication it’s slowing down anytime soon. And we’ve got the graphs to prove it! If this infographic on overall ecommerce sales growth doesn’t make … Read More

Why More Ecommerce Retailers Are Issuing Catalogs

Ah, catalogs – the first “direct-to-consumer” selling channel, long before Al Gore blessed us with the Internet (or something like that). I still remember getting the annual Sears Big Book around the holidays, eagerly tearing through the pages to circle … Read More

Why You Should Offer Personalization: Because Customers Want It

This blog is part one of a five-part series on product personalization. To read the complete resource guide “5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Product Personalization”, please click here. Product personalization is hot. Like, car-metal-on-a-90-degree-Indiana-day hot. Customers are demanding it, … Read More