Spring cleaning time is here! Much like we all need to assess and tidy up our physical space, it’s also a great time to take a fresh look at your eCommerce site and ensure it’s up to par with current trends and customer expectations. Here are a few points to consider when reviewing and cleaning up your eCommerce site this spring:


Strong First Impression

In just a few seconds, a potential customer decides whether to stay on your site or move on. Conduct a “blink test” by quickly glancing at your homepage for 5-10 seconds and then looking away. What do you remember? What stands out? If your brand message and unique selling proposition are not clear, it’s time to revamp your homepage with high-quality images, compelling headlines, and clear calls to action.


Streamlined Content

Your website content needs to be informative, engaging, and easy to navigate. Utilize analytics to identify which pages are performing well and which need improvement. Check your keyword rankings and ensure you’re appearing at the top of search results on Google and other search engines. You can also clean up broken links, which will help your site load quickly.


On-Site Articles / Blogs

Although most of your website’s content might focus on your products, the articles and blogs you post on your website are essential tools for building a relationship with your customers. You can use them to establish your brand as an industry expert and to offer helpful advice and insights.


High-Quality Images

Customers expect high-quality images of your products, with the ability to zoom in and view them from different angles. Make sure all of your images are high-resolution and visually appealing.



Reviews are also crucial to building trust with potential customers, so make sure to collect them and showcase them prominently on your site. Consider offering incentives for customers to leave reviews, such as a discount on their next purchase.


Keeping your ecommerce site up-to-date is truly essential for success. By taking the time to update your homepage, streamline your content, and showcase your products effectively, you can attract new customers, increase conversions, and build your brand.