IRCE is next week, and the Speed Commerce team is excited to catch all of the latest ecommerce trends, accomplished speakers, and industry best practices. With more workshops than hours in a day, you’ll need a handy guide to determine which speakers are on the must-see list.

Here are just a few of our recommendations.

Pre-Show Session: Single View of the Customer: Advanced Analytics, Personalization, CRM

Perfect for: the marketing analyst

Big data is no longer just a buzzword. With more data than marketers know what to do with, plus the complex systems for sculpting the comprehensive customer profile, analytics have become essential to online retailing. Come see industry veterans John Kinsella, Kimberley Grayson, and Sonesh Shah discuss tactics and strategies to stay on the cutting edge of ecommerce analytics.

Main Day 1: What Investors Are Looking for in Online Retailers

Perfect for: the finance guru

Whether your business is looking to gain a competitive edge with external capital or is just growing organically from daily operations, it never hurts to hear an insider’s insight into what makes an organization attractive from a financial perspective. Eric Roth and Norm Colbert will discuss how an online retailer can position itself to best take advantage of investment opportunities.

Main Day 2: Separating the Social Time-Suckers from the Money Makers

Perfect for: the content marketer

Jason Falls will lead an engaging talk on the most effective uses of social media for marketing, branding, and user engagement purposes. With so many different social platforms out there, and more emerging over time, it can be challenging to determine which ones to invest in. Join this session for the insider’s view to see which platform is the best for your audience.

Post-Show Session: Getting More Out of Google: Here’s the Latest

Perfect for: the SEO expert

This session is unique because you’ll have the rare opportunity to hear directly from a Google representative on the future of search across the company’s multiple platforms. Join Sarah Karam for a discussion on SEO best practices, cross-platform user engagement, and search strategy.

As always, we’d love to talk to you! See the Speed Commerce team at Booth #1035 in the Expo Hall.