With ecommerce, you don’t have many — if any — opportunities to interact face-to-face with your customers. You need to rely on your website content, customer contact center, and online reputation to do that for you. However, your product packaging is another tool you can use to build your brand image, build trust, and build customer engagement – all of which lead to more sales. Recent data suggests that the mere appearance of a package can heavily influence a shopper’s bond to the brand and encourage the person to purchase again (or never again).

One box, many brand touches

About 90% of shoppers reuse branded packaging, which gives retailers an opportunity to get in front of a much wider audience than just the original purchaser. In fact, three out of every 10 consumers have discovered a brand after seeing a customer carrying the merchant’s bag or package in public. Yes, that means a 30% increase in sales, all without the retailer having to spend a penny or do anything.

The social share effect

What do you do if you see something awesome? You take a picture of it and put it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else where others can see it. If a product comes in unique packaging, chances are someone’s going to snap a picture and push it out to the masses. That means more brand awareness without money or effort, which in turn can lead to more people seeing your name for the first time!

Women are more likely to share an image of products on social media, so if you cater to the female demographic, keep that in mind.

Deck the halls – and boxes

Holiday decorations are a must for homes, offices, and brick and mortar retailers, so the same should apply for ecommerce merchants as well!

Create fun holiday-themed boxes and inserts for all of the pertinent holidays – not just the ones at the end of the year. In addition, you can easily give customers the option to insert a holiday card or thank you note. Not only is it a great tool to promote your brand, but it is also essential for holiday gifting.

Giving shoppers ample packaging and personalization options when they shop not only makes for a better gift but also gives you a fantastic up-sell opportunity.